Whole Life Education Centre


Volunteering at WLEC

Because we are a small school with a limited budget the assistance of both lay and professional volunteers is welcomed as and when there are needs that can be alleviated with their help.

By joining the McGregor Waldorf Primary School and the McGregor High School each volunteer receives the gift of involvement in the school community. As a volunteer you are invited to develop a true appreciation of the children’s cultural diversity and to contribute to their learning experience with a joyful and positive attitude. We ask a volunteer to make an as sustainable time commitment as possible depending on which aspect of the school the volunteer is assisting with.

A volunteer can be assisting in the following areas:

Professional assistance is required in the following areas:


Please complete the Volunteer application form and Questionnaire and read through the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

For more information and to send your application contact us on fundraiser@wlec.org.za.

An application fee of 100 Euro is payable for international applicants, which includes airport transfers irrespective of length of service. International volunteers are required to work 8 hours per day (or as set out in their job description), 5 days a week and provide their own insurance, room, board and transport. Due to the nature of our work volunteers might be expected to attend events and meetings as necessary in the evenings and on weekends. Accommodation can be offered at a monthly fee when available or cost effective options can be referred to.